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The Consumer Protection Act Made Easy Understanding the Act is one thing but implementing it in such a way as to benefit your business is another - this is where we can help you. We have a number of skilled associates and a full range of products that will assist any organisation, large or small, to firstly understand how the Act could impact them and then assist in the development and implementation of an Action Plan which could benefit your business by increasing market share and adding to your bottom line. The process produces policy, practical DVD training for staff, etc. The Consumer Protection Act will fundamentally change the way business is done in South Africa. It requires businesses to transform the way in which they interact with consumers and to ensure that all their dealings with consumers are fair, reasonable and honest.   The challenge that the suppliers of goods or services will face is that it is not just a matter of simple compliance.  Whilst many organisations may have the in-house skills to interpret the Act in the context of their business, they will find it difficult to implement, as it is cross-cutting and will require collaborative behaviour changes across the organisation.  Effective risk management will require, firstly, that everyone across the organisation is attuned to how he or she could place the organisation at risk and, secondly, that a sustainable change to functional behaviour is instituted.
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As an Associate you are provided with a set of implementation tools including humorous awareness presentations, Action Planning, Policy and Standard Operating Procedures, Practical shop floor training scenarios, DVD's and Functional Maturity Models which can be used to assist your client organisations to bring about sustainable behavioral change and  benefit from the Act.
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Know your Consumer Rights Pocketbooks This pocket guide is specifically designed to fit snugly into your handbag or pocket, ensuring you are an informed and protected consumer wherever you go
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