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 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CPA Madeasy Business Transformation Products: The Consumer Protection Act differs from previous similar legislation in that compliance will not simply come from adjusting products and services but instead will require a complete transformation of internal behavior in order to manage risk. In addition to this, Government fines of R1Million or 10% of Turn-over or in some cases even imprisonment, will not be the only channel through which organisations are exposed - it also now opens them up to private American style lawsuits. Whilst the risks are very real we have found a more positive approach in implementing the CPA into a business environment. The other side of the coin is the ultimate customer service blueprint which, if implemented successfully, has the potential to add tremendous value to the business. We therefore focus on the CPA from a different perspective - how it can benefit your business. Our approach therefore goes beyond mere awareness and training.  We aim to achieve alignment of the whole organization to the customer service focused requirements of the Act. Depending on the type of business and its size the solution could vary considerably thus we have put together a range of products which start with simple Awareness services and work up to full in-depth consulting interventions for the more complex needs of larger organisations: 1. Awareness and understanding (this is all smaller businesses would need) Supply of the book by Adv. Neville Melville interpreting the act in easy to understand terms. This book is very useful in bringing about a wide base of understanding and should be supplied to all managers or key staff. The "disks only" retail shop floor awareness training kit Presentation of the Act and its impact in terms of your business (3 hour detailed overview) 2. Behavioral Transformation (this would apply to larger businesses) Business impact work session (1 day session to enable key managers to produce an Action Plan) Action Plan, Policy and Standard Operating Procedures and shop floor training Role Accountability Mapping and Behavioral Transformation Change Management Municipality Madeasy - we also specialise in implementing CPA compliance into all spheres of Government simultaneously addressing Service Delivery issues and introducing powerful tools for Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting ( The two stage approach incrementally assesses the degree of readiness thus giving the organisation the ability to quickly and cost effectively identify potential problem areas and to then decide whether to proceed with more in-depth investigations and corrective interventions. The assessment stages are informative and result in a high level of awareness whereas the final stage enables the organisation to manage the behavioral transformation required. The most effective solution to organisation-wide behavioral transformation lies in a process called Role Accountability Mapping which relates the day to day functions of all relevant employees to the behavior Outcomes contained in the Act and then monitors the impact of change and compliance on an ongoing basis. This also leaves a legacy of dynamic transformation technology for future business improvements. The model produced in this final stage has a significant legacy as it will provide a mechanism through which future business innovation or improvement interventions can be planned and rolled out. Details of the Madeasy 2 Stage Approach Products: The Consumer Protection Act Made Easy Books Per book (bulk discounts negotiated) - R120 (including VAT & delivery) The "disks only" retail shop floor awareness training kit A DVD containing an introduction to the CPA in terms of different parts of a business followed by training on various practical scenarios that a business would have to deal with on a day to day basis. There is also a CD containing training manuals, etc.  Per disk set- R200 (excluding delivery) Introduction Presentations of the Consumer Protection Act (1 hour or 3 hour) Introductory presentations - 1 hour introduction R3,000 or 3 hour detailed overview R5,000 (on site to your staff in Gauteng, Durban or Cape Town, other areas would be quoted on) The one hour presentation runs through the Madeasy business impact interpretation of the CPA at a high level and is aimed at giving the audience a broad understanding of what the Act covers in only one hour. The product should be used as a high level general awareness tool for all staff or as a CPA overview speaking engagement or boardroom overview. It is not suitable for the purpose of creating a practical level of understanding of how the Act could impact a business or as a foundation from which an action plan could be produced. The three hour presentation goes through the same Topic structure as the one hour but in greater depth. Presentation Reference Manuals containing additional more detailed material are available for an additional R150 each. This product can be used in a very small business environment as a platform from which an action plan could be produced or as a prelude to a strategy session - it is not suitable for larger more complex organisations' Action Plans; the Business Impact Work Session product is aimed at assisting multi-departmental environments in this regard. Readiness desktop Analysis - this is only provided where the company requests it CPA consultant will spend around 3 hours with an informed member of staff and fill in a detailed questionnaire from which a detailed report will be produced - R 3,000 This product is a complex checklist that covers potential risk issues in all areas of a business and produces a DipStick analysis of the answers given as well as a detailed interpretation of how the Act could affect all the areas of a business. It is a useful method to demonstrate to an organisation the need for a comprehensive cross-cutting Action Plan. Detailed Readiness assessment CPA consultant will spend time with a team from each business section and fill in a detailed questionnaire after which they will visit each section and further assess readiness. Following the desktop and physical assessments a detailed readiness report will be produced.  - Quote required but typically anything from R10,000 upwards dependant on the size and complexity of the organisation. Business impact work session (1 day session to enable key managers to produce an Action Plan for the way forward) Exploratory work session to provide a level of understanding as to the CPA's potential to impact various functional areas of a business. This will equip key managers with a practical understanding sufficient to produce an action plan for the way forward  - (per person, minimum 8 people) - R1,200  (includes manual) This product takes the same Topic structure used in the three hour presentation but examines them in greater depth as well as facilitating discussion as to how the various areas of the business could be at risk and what issues should be investigated further. This product lays the foundation upon which the Action Plan can be produced and also provides the correct inputs for the use of the Role Accountability Behavioral Management tools in very large or geographically disparit environments. Implementation Action Plan (Plan assigning implementation responsibilities) The inputs from the Business Impact Work Session are consolidated into an Action Plan using a Critical Behaviour Matrix tool. Policy and Standard Operating Procedures The information contained in the Critical Behaviour Matrix is structured so as to produce policy and Standard Operating Procedures with ease. Behavioral Transformation - CPA Role Accountability intervention This powerful combination of software and methodologies will enable a large organisation to implement the transformation project necessary in order to be ready for the Act as well as sustain the new behavior model in the long term. Large Group Company Solution A consulting team can examine the specific needs of a large Group Company and assist with the Strategic planning and implementation approach and roll-out using combinations of the above products and other more specialised methodologies. The implementation tools include eLearning and knowledge retention analysis as well as ongoing knowledge checks. Shop Floor Behavioral Coaching This coaching solution coaches shop floor staff using typical, practical scenarios. The solution is customised to suit each organisation's particular needs using multimedia tools and cost effective approaches (for example - DVD's for ongoing training of new staff at each branch) R1,250 for the Training Kit and R200 for DVD's for each branch or R850 per delegate for classroom training. 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