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The Consumer Protection Act is designed to ensure that the customer gets fair treatment by suppliers and is based on American-style very “grey” legislation, for this reason compliance is not how we have historically come to know it and advice has to be in the form of an opinion regarding very specific circumstances. For instance service is defined in the Act as “that which a consumer should generally be entitled to expect” – how on earth do you comply with that? What the Act requires is a transformation in the way we all do business and it will impact the roles of every employee in every business, not just those that interact with the customer. For this reason we follow an approach tailored to the size of the organisation where we conduct awareness sessions based on practical business topics and then assist them to develop action plans to implement behaviour change according to their size and needs. The process will vary from organisation to organisation but roughly speaking: very small businesses will probably be able to acquire sufficient understanding from our DVD set (R200) and Adv. Melville’s book “The Consumer Protection Act Made Easy” (R120), small businesses may only need the above plus one 3 hour awareness session (R5,000), medium size businesses will need all of the above plus a Business Impact Work Session (in the region of 12 to 15 thousand) plus the full training kit (R1,250) or even customised training, large businesses would vary considerably depending on their size and structure but we have extremely powerful transformation technology to assist behaviour transformation in large environments (see KnowledgeBankERP Role Accountability pamphlet), Whilst the risks are very real we have found a more positive approach in implementing the CPA into a business environment. The CPA is like a two sided coin - on the side with the teeth you will find all the things that customers the world round hate and detest and the Act has formally attached penalties to. However, if you were to flip the coin over then on other side you will find the opposite – the ultimate blueprint for customer service which, if implemented successfully, has the potential to add tremendous value to the business. By implementing this you will effectively focus all your staff, including internal support and admin functions, on collaborating to deliver great customer service which is the goal of any normal company. We therefore focus on the CPA from a different perspective – how it can benefit your business.  
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We have also released a Mobile Application that gives the user access to the practical scenarios and discussion covered in the books. This application is free and provides free access to all the key information that one would need whilst shopping or faced with a CPA issue. There is, however, a small charge in order to access in-depth discussion and information should the user require that level of detail. To access this Mobile Application simply open the browser on your phone go to - there are instructions under the help facility on how to store an icon on your desktop. There are also instructions if you click on the Cell phone App menu tab at the top of the page.  
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